We build healthy churches by creating affordable tools.

Let’s face it.

Leading a church is not for the faint-hearted! 


There’s no shortage of roadblocks, whether it's plateauing, staffing, mission drift, leadership development, financial stress, succession or any other host of challenges.


You’re not alone: according to recent surveys, over half the pastors in the U.S. find the job overwhelming.

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After using the Elemental Churches Inventory, this past year has been the best year we've ever had...in every way! 

KEVIN PEYTON | Senior Pastor, The Village Church, South Lebanon OH


We had a great time with FOCUS and got some big goals narrowed down. That really helped us with planning for this fall and this coming year…and it even helped us to feel at peace with some events we decided not to repeat. Thanks for creating such a useful tool for churches!  

TANA RAWDON | Business Manager, Heartland Vineyard Church, Waterloo IA

Dave Workman has been around the block . . . The four elements that he describes in his book Elemental Leaders are insightful and useful. I'm thankful he is helping all of us to be better leaders.

BRIAN TOME | Senior Pastor, Crossroads Community Church (32,000 attendance)

The Elemental Churches Inventory has been an excellent process, informative, revealing and has given us a great way forward as a team and church. 

JOHN WRIGHT | Senior Pastor and Vineyard UK National Director, Trent Vineyard Church, UK (1700 attendance)

Our time and money invested in an evaluation with Elemental Churches was well spent. The recommendations at the end of the process were spot on to give us a clear path forward in pursuing our stated missionElemental Churches is an economical and effective consulting group who offer a wealth of insight and experience to move your church forward. 

BART STEEVER, Senior Pastor Parkside Christian Church (600 attendance)


“The FOCUS tool was a great resource...and actually fun, too! We plan on using it again next year.”

JOSH MILLER | Lead Pastor, Harvest Church, Ames IA (700 attendance)


Working with Elemental Churches has been a tremendously helpful experience. Through their insights, observations and coaching we were able to better identify barriers to growth and create an action plan to address them. We would recommend them to any organizational leader who wants to not settle for the status quo. 

JONATHAN BRICKER | Executive Pastor Indianapolis IN (1000 attendance)


FOCUS guided us through every step, made the whole process fun and helped build excitement and enthusiasm as we planned for the future of our parish.”

FATHER TOM REITMEYER | St. John Vianney, Austin TX

The Elemental Church Inventory has been a very valuable process…we could have used this 15 years ago. 

NATHAN HARDESTY | Senior Pastor, Bridgetown Church of Christ (250 attendance)


I would describe our partnership more as a cooperative friendship with a true practitioner who understood us and asked real questions in order to lead us to real solutions. 

PAUL BALDWIN | Executive Pastor, Miami Florida Vineyard Church (2500 attendance) 

Elemental Churches was a Godsend! Our staff is excited about future possibilities, and even though the work will be demanding, we are looking forward to the challenge. God bless you and Elemental Churches as you work with other churches in our city, our country and across the pond. We look forward to working with your leadership team again in the future. 

MATT HOLMAN | Senior Pastor, Landmark Baptist Church (500 attendance)

Mix together some veteran pastors, a university professor, and a marketplace entrepreneur and you get the Elemental Churches Engineering Team.


We have one thing in common: a deep love for the local church. We take our calling seriously in creating team-based tools that blend interactive reflective learning with challenging (but fun!) elements. This is leadership development in a whole new way.

dave workman
Dave Workman is president of Elemental Churches, a consulting group devoted to helping churches become healthier and more effective. He is the author of Elemental Leaders: Four Essentials Every Leader Needs…And Every Church Must Have and The Outward-Focused Life: Becoming a Servant in a Serve-Me World. Dave was instrumental in the growth of the Vineyard Cincinnati megachurch from its inception and then served as senior pastor for thirteen years. He spearheaded such initiatives as the groundbreaking Healing Center—a multimillion-dollar facility offering forty different services to holistically meet the needs of thousands of resource-challenged people every month—and the H2O Nigeria Project, drilling over one hundred water wells in central Nigeria. Dave regularly speaks on leadership development and building outward-focused churches nationally and internationally. He and his wife Anita have been happily married since 1978 and have two married daughters who are both involved in ministry.
tom thatcher
Dr. Tom Thatcher is co-founder and Chief Analyst of Elemental Churches. He has served as Dean of the Russell School of Ministry and Cincinnati Bible Seminary and professor of Biblical Studies. As a teacher, Tom has spent more than 20 years in seminary and congregational classrooms leading courses and presentations on Biblical Studies and early Christianity. He has served on numerous research committees in the Society of Biblical Literature, has authored or edited 20 books on the New Testament, edits an academic series of books, and regularly writes mass-market adult curriculum materials. As an administrator, Tom has substantial experience in program review, strategic planning, organizational infrastructure, and outcomes assessment. Tom regularly speaks at academic conferences and a variety of congregational settings. Tom and his wife, Becky (a former public school teacher, children’s minister, and now intervention aid), have been married since 1987 and have two children.
al buchweitz
Al is VP of Growth at Elemental Churches. His experience is a unique blend of pastoral leadership and church-planting as well as innovative entrepreneurial endeavors in the marketplace. After graduation from Wheaton, Al planted churches in Boston and Chicago and later served on the executive team at Vineyard Cincinnati Church during a time of explosive growth, overseeing the development and management of Assimilation, Communications, Outreach and Celebration Support. In the marketplace, his roles included sales and partnerships for LexisNexis and sales and facilitation for Building Healthy Teams Curriculum, Open Mentoring & Leadership/Innovation Simulations at Triple Creek Associates. Al owns several patents, has created brands and successfully launched three unique product lines. Al's catalytic role with Elemental Churches is shaping the organization's growth through networking, product messaging, and marketing strategies. Al and his wife Stephanie enjoy a full life with seven children, three sons-in-law, and Jack the dog.
randy ballard
Randy serves as an Elemental Churches Coach as well as being the founder and Executive Director of Relational Discipleship Ministries. Randy has over 37 years of pastoral ministry experience including serving as Church Planting and Evangelism Ministries Director for the Indiana Church of God for four and half years. Randy received his B.S. from Lee University in 1983 and his M.A. from Trinity International Divinity School in 2000. Passionate about church planting, discipleship, mentoring, and training ministers, Randy has authored seventeen books including the Relational Discipleship Series, a systematic but very practical discipleship curriculum translated into five languages and used internationally by pastors and missionaries. Randy and his wife, Annette, have been married since 1980. They have one son, Gabe, who serves as a Student Ministries Pastor. Randy and Annette together share a vision to see the nations discipled for Christ and to establish a future “Shunem House” Sabbatical Ministry for Christian ministers and their families.

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