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FOCUS is a revolutionary strategic-planning-in-a-box experience for your church leadership team. Carefully designed to be self-facilitating, your team will go through a six-hour "game-like" process with highly interactive exercises to create a 12-to-24 month master plan for moving your church forward. Strategic team-based planning has never been more comprehensive, energizing, and, believe it or not, fun!  For more info including a quick video of how FOCUS works, click here.

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ENVISION is an interactive game for unlocking your church’s vision and values. With a “seafaring” theme, you’ll journey across an ocean of challenges that spark exciting discussions with your leadership team! Through timed exercises, you'll develop a unified vision statement, core values, your unique marching orders, and a shared picture of your future. Whether churchplanting or struggling with vision-drift, ENVISION guides teams in discovering God’s purposes for your church. More info?--click here!

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VIBE is a team experience designed to make your church more inviting and effective in reaching new people. Through a series of assessments and group exercises, team members take on the role of a “secret shopper” to view everything from your church service to facilities to the variety of ministries offered on a weekend to your website. Everything changes when you view your church through the lens of a “new person” visiting for the first time. Check out a quick 2-minute video overview here.

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The ELEMENTAL CHURCHES INVENTORY is a unique web-based assessment to measure church health and effectiveness. Combining individual and team learning through online surveys and videos with personalized coaching, the Inventory provides a comprehensive report with action steps. It’s a roadmap based on your own uploaded reports and surveys as you and your team work through the personal and group exercises. For more info including a video of how the Inventory works, click here.

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The ELEMENTAL CHURCHES SELF-GUIDED INVENTORY is the little brother to the EC INVENTORY. In this version, leadership teams work through all the same leadership development exercises and videos, but without the comprehensive analysis and report presentation at the end. But that's not short-changing the learnings your team will experience in the personal and group reflective exercises. Because of less "hand-holding" from a face-to-face consultant, we can offer it at a fraction of the price.

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ELEMENTAL LEADERS: FOUR ESSENTIALS EVERY LEADER NEEDS...AND EVERY CHURCH MUST HAVE. All healthy and effective organizations are marked by 4 traits: Integrity, Passion, Servanthood & Imagination. Elemental leaders are those who recognize that they must infuse, maintain and guard a balance of those critical values in the churches, organizations and teams they lead. With insightful clarity, Dave Workman offers pathways and tools to bring out the best in leaders and their organizations.

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If you already have the FOCUS Strategy Tool but are ready to do another round of strategic planning with your team, save some serious money by simply ordering the FOCUS Refill Kit. Each kit comes with 1 FOCUS GO!Pad, 36 Opportunity Sheets, 4 Goal Circle Cards, 16 Strategy Circle Cards, 16 Champion Circle Cards, 4 Brainstorm Sheets, 12 Prayer Journals, 1 Game Plan Sheet, 16 Champion Tokens, and 48 Stickers. New to the FOCUS Strategic Planning Tool?--click here for more info on the revolutionary FOCUS!

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Sometimes “stuck” churches need specific hands-on help with unique problems. For basic retainer fees, we offer full access to our decades of church leadership experience. And for a one-on-one personal touch, we provide coaching to pastors for less than you spend on your cable bill. Seriously. We want to coach you through your challenges with practical advice, resources, and prayer. Call 513.400.4595 or email

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RECHARGE fills a unique niche in the leader's toolbox. RECHARGE contains everything you need for a leadership team spiritual retreat...designed solely to bring refreshment and renewal to tired teams. The interactive exercises and quiet times with Jesus are specially designed to fit into any denominational or non-denom context. With both team interaction and individual reflection, your team is guaranteed to leave this one-day retreat material with renewed gratitude and passion for the Kingdom.

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The ELEMENTAL PATHWAY combines our 5 core tools into one comprehensive package along with a personalized pastor/leadership assessment and coaching process. This six-month program is designed to cover the key factors for building healthy and effective churches --- all in a team-based, highly interactive approach using action-learning and gamification principles. And at one super-affordable price.  Check out the Elemental Pathway information page here!

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Have big dreams but don’t know how to fund them? Thought about applying for grants but been told you can’t? Or just don’t know where to start? Our experienced grant writers can lead your church or not-for-profit through an extensive grant-readiness assessment. We can even write grants for you! Click here to learn more and download a free grant writing booklet.

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When it comes to churches and ministries, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We use a team-based, highly interactive, self-discovery process to tackle your biggest challenges...with resources that the average church can afford.

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